Home Groups

Home Groups map 12 Dec 2019-cr
Approximate locations of Home Groups. Click on map to enlarge.  Map to be updated.

Each home group has its own programme and approach to reading the Bible, use of course materials, discussion and prayer. Belonging to a home group helps to nurture faith and to deepen relationships with others, and this is particularly important in a large church such as St Mary’s.

If you are interested in joining a home group or finding out more, please contact the group leader or Alan Currer (see below) to see if there is  availability at this time.



•    The Sedop Close group CB11 4DD (1 on map) meets via Zoom on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 2.00 pm.
•    The group makes use of study books and is currently looking at Psalms as helping us to pray
•    For more information, please contact Ruby on 01799 501 381


•    The Springhill Road group CB11 4AH (2 on map) meets via Zoom fortnightly on Monday evenings at 7.30pm during term time.
•    The group is currently studying Elaine Storkey's book 'Women in a Patriarchial Society' - looking at women in the Bible
•    For more information, please contact Sue on 01799 523 007 or by email at suewalker619@btinternet.com



•    The Parkside group CB10 1AQ (3 on map) has suspended its Tuesday morning meetings pending being able to meet in person again.
•    For more information, please email Brian on briankerrison599@btinternet.com or call on 01799 516 586


•    The West Road group CB11 3DS (4 on map) meets via Zoom weekly on Tuesday evenings.
•    The group’s aim is “to help us all to explore the links between faith and life” and they have recently been using the Sunday Bible readings as a basis for discussion, study and prayer.
•    For more information and to see if there is space at this time for new members, please contact Alan and Caroline by phone 01799 584 839 or email: alancurrer@btinternet.com

•    Women who Wonder (WWW) CB11 4DR is a group for women of working age, or thereabouts.
•    The group would normally meet monthly on Tuesday evenings, but is currently suspended
•    For more information, please contact Gill on 01799 520 485.



•    The Rylstone Way group CB11 3BS (6 on map) meets on alternate Thursday evenings on Zoom.
•    The group aims “to deepen our familiarity with the Bible and to share its relevance in our lives.”
•    The group is taking a break over the summer
•    For more information, please contact Marisa on 01799 502 744.

Additional Groups

If you have any queries or suggestions for further Home Groups or might be willing to run or host one then do let Alan Currer know -  alancurrer@btinternet.com or 01799 584 839

We also provide additional groups including some inter church ones during Lent and Advent.

See also our Prayer Groups page and our Courses & Events page.